We all feel empty inside in some way or another.  How do you fill the hole?  We fill it with music and dancing…

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Apache Lake Love or: How I Learned to Stop Shivering and Love the Hail - By Jason Shoff

"… as Doctor Bones closed the first night with one of the most solid and consistent live shows you’re ever going to find in the Valley. Yet on this night they were even more on fire, filled with even more energy and aggression than normal, which is really saying something. Who knows if it was because of the fact that they were closing the night, or the fact that they felt the need to live up to the “Band You Need to Watch at Apache Lake” declaration by the Phoenix New Times. Or maybe they just really wanted to kick some ass. Whatever it was, it seemed like they were playing like it was the last night on Earth, and the crowd ate it up. Every time Anthony Fama flung himself into the audience, it was like a piece of bread was being thrown into a hungry, starving mob. It was really something to watch, and something I won’t forget (especially since my sweatshirt was practically covered in his sweat by the end of it)."

Read the full article @ http://www.echocloud.tv/wordpress/2012/10/17/apache-lake-love-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-shivering-and-love-the-hail/

Statar-Nauts Ex-Drag-a-Vag-Aganza @ Hollywood Alley.  Photos courtesy of James Erwin.

Shots of us Rocking out at the Nile Theater with Blood on the Dance Floor.